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Hotel Faber - An allergy friendly choice

Our greatest honor is to deliver a nice and safe stay for our guests, no matter their special wishes or needs. That is why we always strive to be even better at meeting our guests with understanding and respect for every single guest's needs.

Allergivenlig sæbe på hotel faber

Cleaning supplies

All of our cleaning supplies, dishwashing soaps, shampoo, and so on are allergy friendly

Choose fiberpillows

We are always happy to provide fiber pillows and duvets free of charge

No perfume

We do not add any artificial smells or perfumes anywhere in the building. Vi clean thoroughly with neutral cleaning supplies and make sure our accommodations always smell nice and clean and not of perfume.


If you have any additional needs or wishes we are always happy to help find the best solution for you. Please contact us before your stay, so we can deliver a comfortable and safe allergy-friendly experience.

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