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Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms in the heart of Aarhus

At Hotel Faber, cheap and quality go hand in hand!

We simply believe that a meeting or course can be managed both cheaply and well. That's why we keep our prices down, and we take care of the practicalities so that you and your meeting participants get the most out of your meeting - without the risk of hungry bellies and empty coffee cups. In addition to the two package deals for meeting rooms, there is the possibility of additional choices and possible discounts, which are worth looking into when planning your meeting at Hotel Faber.

You can take a closer look at that below.

Up to 30 people

Hotel Faber offers meeting rooms with space for a maximum of 30 people, depending on the desired table setting

Catering as needed

With the option of half- and full-day meetings, breakfast, lunch, and cake can be ordered for meetings and courses. Coffee, tea, and water are included in the room rent. It is also possible to choose soft drinks for lunch.

Discount on accommodation

When you book a meeting at Hotel Faber, you and your meeting participants can book discounted accommodation in our bright rooms or hotel apartments in the center of Aarhus.


Hotel Faber was built with great consideration for sound and noise nuisance. Therefore, the entire building including meeting rooms is sound-insulated with sound-absorbing carpets and windows.

Parking right at the door 

When booking a meeting or course at Hotel Faber, it is possible to park right by the door here in the center of Aarhus. There is paid parking next to the hotel, and the hotel can arrange parking for meeting participants until 14 o'clock.

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