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HOTEL FABER and Moesgård Museum 

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Bus number 18 will bring you directly from Aarhus Center and to the iconic Moesgård Museum. At the museum, you'll experience history and artifacts from the Viking age as well as one of the world's best preserved bog bodies named Grauballemanden. You'll also see one of the many ever-changing exhibitions from all around the world.

Visit one of Denmark's most popular attractions easily from your base at Hotel Faber

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Moesgaard museum aarhus centrum hotel ophold rejse besøg billigt.jpg
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Moesgaard museum kors børn ophold familie hotel billigt aarhus.jpg

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Moesgård Museum

The museum's iconic architect-designed building is beautifully located in the Danish golden age nature which naturally invites you to take a stroll and relax in the breathtaking surroundings. 
History, beauty, and gastronomical wonders are just some of the things to look forward to when visiting the Moesgård Museum in Højbjerg, close to Aarhus city center.

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